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Odile Civitello has over twenty-five years of experience as a gem and jewellery appraiser. She is a Certified Appraisal Professional (CAP) recognized by the Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA). CAP designated appraisers must have proven expertise in their field and adhere to a strict national code of ethics to ensure the production of professional and reliable appraisal documents.  The official seal issued by the CJA is subject to renewal every two years.

Odile Civitello has taught gemmology and appraisal studies for twenty years.










Make an Appointment
In general, an appointment can be arranged within 48hrs of your request. Meetings take place weekdays at Odile Civitello’s office between 10:00 and 4:30. Alternate arrangements can be made in special circumstances.

Come to the Office
Bring your jewellery item(s) to the appointment with any related documentation such as quality reports issued for diamonds or gems in the jewellery.

Odile Civitello will complete all necessary observation and a thorough analysis of the jewellery in your presence while you wait and you will leave the appointment with your jewellery.

The average time required for a diamond ring is between 30 and 45 minutes. If you have numerous items of jewellery to be appraised multiple appointments will be scheduled.

During the meeting, do not forget to specify your language of choice (English or French) for all documents.

Delivery of the Appraisal Document
Your detailed appraisal report will arrive by mail within eight days following your appointment. You can also arrange to pick up your report at the office or have it shipped by courier or express mail (applicable charges will be added to your bill).


Your appraisal report will include a detailed description and photo of the item that was appraised. The detailed description is an important element of the report and will serve as a valuable reference in the case of theft or loss.

The report will be dated with the date the item was appraised and will include the  US$ exchange rate for that date as well as the market value for precious metals. This information is an intrinsic component of a reliable appraisal report especially when prepared for insurance purposes. Market values for diamonds, gems, pearls, and precious metals are established in US currency and can therefore fluctuate over time. Many insurance companies require policyholders to periodically update their appraisals to reflect market changes.

If you require an appraisal report for the purposes of reselling an item of jewellery you should be aware that an accurate report usually requires the diamonds and or gems be un-set for thorough examination.   Gems can be unset and reset quickly and safely at the time of your appointment.

Click Here to see a model appraisal report



Odile Civitello offers the following professional services:

• Thorough analysis of gems and jewellery and preparation of detailed appraisal reports according to strict industry guidelines. Reports can be requested for many reasons including insurance purposes, resale, or simply as proof of ownership.

• Professional advice and assistance in jewellery valuation for division of property in the case of inheritance or estate planning.  Preparation of customized appraisal reports for multiple items of jewellery in these circumstances.

• Preparation of ‘mini-reports’ for travelers who travel frequently with their jewellery and want to avoid the hassle of declaring them on every trip.

• Preparation of quality reports for one or more items of jewellery to be taken abroad for an event or vacation. These reports are not appraisals but detailed  statements of what the item is and proof of ownership prior to leaving Canada for customs purposes.

• Expert witness for legal matters related to gem identification and jewellery value.



Fees are based on the number of items to be appraised and the complexity of the work involved. Fees are never based on the value of the appraised items. Fees may vary depending on time constraints, the level of research required, or if there is a need for advanced testing from a specialized lab.

Odile Civitello will require a name and complete postal address for invoicing and fees can be paid in cash or by cheque the day of the appointment.